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Advertising Screens and 7 Advantages When Applied to the FnB Industry

Advertising Screens and 7 Advantages When Applied to the FnB Industry

Advertising screens have become an important solution with proven effectiveness when applied to the FnB (Food and Beverage) industry, helping businesses in this sector create an exciting experience and increase their visibility to customers. Let's delve into the details of advertising screens and the 7 advantages when applied to the FnB industry with the following article!


7 Advantages of Using Advertising Screens for the FnB Industry

The advantages of applying advertising screens to the FnB industry include:

Creating an Impression with Menus and Products:

Advertising screens allow businesses, restaurants, bars, and coffee shops to display menus and products in a visual and attractive manner. Instead of using paper menus, images and videos on the screen vividly describe food and beverages, leaving a lasting impression and effectively attracting customers.

Conveying Promotional Information:

FnB businesses often have attractive promotional programs, discounts, and offers. Applying advertising screens is an effective solution for conveying information about these programs to potential customers and boosting sales.

Enhancing the Customer Experience with an Exciting Atmosphere:

Advertising screens are not just tools for product promotion; they can also create an exciting and modern atmosphere within your establishment, leaving a positive impression on your customers. In addition to product information, services, or menus, you can use advertising screens to play videos about food preparation processes, music, or other engaging experiences.


Boosting Sales:

By displaying high-quality images and videos of diverse menu items and enticing promotions, you can stimulate customers' appetites and encourage them to place orders, ultimately increasing sales for your establishment.

Easy-to-Use and Quick Content Updates:

Advertising screens allow you to update information, menus, prices, and other content quickly and flexibly through content management software (CMS). This is highly beneficial when you need to change information on a daily or seasonal basis.


Customizing Advertisements for Target Customers:

With advertising screens, you can fully customize advertisements based on the preferences and behavior of your customers, creating effective personalized experiences.

AVASDI Advertising Screens and Notable Investment Benefits

With a modern and elegant design, AVASDI advertising screens contribute to an even better customer experience with outstanding features such as:

  • Vibrant image quality.
  • Integrated speakers for a rich viewing experience.
  • Mohs 7-rated tempered glass for durability.
  • Beautiful and refined design.
  • Easy mobility, suitable for any space.
  • Quick remote content management using CMS software.

AVASDI advertising screens come in various sizes and designs to meet the diverse needs of customers, including:

  • AVASDI FS02 Series Vertical Advertising Screens.
  • AVASDI DB Series A-shaped (Digital Signage) Advertising Screens.
  • AVASDI VM Series Wall-Mounted Advertising Screens.
  • AVASDI EAD Series Elevator Advertising Screens.
  • AVASDI BS Series Large-Sized Specialized Advertising Screens.
  • AVASDI K01 Series Kiosk Advertising Screens.

Contact AVASDI now at 0909 436 247 for consultation and to receive special offers on advertising screens!

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