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Benefits of Applying Interactive Screens to Meeting Rooms

Benefits of Applying Interactive Screens to Meeting Rooms

Interactive screens offer numerous advantages when integrated into meeting rooms, enhancing the experience and work efficiency effectively. Let's explore the interactive screen solution and the benefits of its application in meeting rooms with AVASDI!

Efficient Idea Communication with Interactive Screens

Utilizing interactive screens allows users to write, draw, take notes, and work directly on the screen, facilitating quick and transparent idea communication.

Improved Collaboration and Teamwork Efficiency

The ability to connect multiple interactive screens creates a shared workspace, fostering collaboration and interaction in meetings and team working sessions.

Enhanced Presentation and Flexible Slideshows

Interactive screens support projection and presentations, enabling users to flexibly change content and presentation order.

Integrated Online Meeting System on Interactive Screens

The capability to integrate with online meeting systems facilitates convenient and flexible connections with remote participants.


Easy Content Management and Sharing

Features for managing and sharing content make it easy for users to access and control information.

Integration with Other Technologies

The ability to integrate with devices and technologies such as cameras, microphones, and smart control systems enhances the functionality of meeting rooms.

Improved User Experience

Direct interaction with the screen enhances the user experience, encouraging positive engagement in work and discussions.

Design and Customization

Interactive screens have the capability to customize interfaces according to the specific needs of businesses or organizations.

Why Choose AVASDI Interactive Screen Solution

AVASDI interactive screens are highly praised for their quality and responsiveness to diverse user needs, offering not only a variety of features but also an efficient user experience. Therefore, it is considered a suitable solution for all businesses and organizations looking to invest in interactive screens with optimal costs.

Key Features of AVASDI Interactive Screens:

•    Smooth interactive capability with 20 touch points simultaneously
•    Built-in Android 11.0 operating system
•    4GB RAM and 32GB ROM
•    AVASDI AVD2 Series screen equipped with a 13MP camera
•    Integrated with 6 arrays of microphones
•    Convenient whiteboard feature
•    Support for wireless screenshare app for seamless sharing
•    Easy integration of additional OPS when needed.

These are the advantages of applying AVASDI interactive screens to meeting rooms, optimizing interaction, enhancing flexibility, and improving efficiency in team environments and meetings.

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