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Reasons To Invest In Interactive Screens For Meeting Rooms

Reasons To Invest In Interactive Screens For Meeting Rooms

Investing in interactive screens for meeting rooms has long been known for its many benefits, such as creating a modern and efficient meeting experience that enhances everyone's engagement. The use of interactive screens also helps improve understanding and interaction within a group, especially when remote work is necessary. Additionally, interactive screens can reduce dependence on traditional paper and whiteboards, creating an efficient and environmentally friendly working environment. Importantly, it is a solution for businesses to showcase innovation and creativity in their organization.


Here are some compelling reasons why you should invest in interactive screens for meeting rooms

High Interactivity: Interactive screens allow meeting participants to directly interact with content, draw, take notes, and engage with applications and data.

High Performance: Enhance meeting efficiency by visualizing information, making it easy for everyone to follow and understand important information.

Remote Work Support: Effectively support online meetings and remote work, creating a team collaboration experience as if everyone were in the same place.

Innovation and Creativity: Create a creative working environment, encourage innovation, and provide opportunities for the development of new ideas.


Enhanced Communication: Interactive screens improve communication within a group and foster positive interaction.

Instant Feedback: Provide immediate feedback from participants in the meeting, facilitating understanding and quick adjustments.

Efficient Data Management: Integrate storage and data sharing technology for more effective information management.

Paper and Resource Savings: Reduce reliance on paper and traditional whiteboards, helping to reduce waste and save resources.

The AVASDI AVD2 Series interactive screen is a high-quality and cost-effective solution

With a sleek all-in-one design, it integrates speakers, microphones, and a camera. Key features include:
•    Android 11.0, 4GB RAM, and 32GB ROM
•    A 13MP camera for vivid meeting experiences, 
•    6-array microphones for clear and authentic sound, 
•    Smooth 20-point touch interaction, built-in whiteboard feature, and wireless screen sharing app. 
•    Additionally, the option to add a POS enhances the user experience.

Investing in interactive screens not only modernizes meeting rooms but also creates an intelligent and positive working environment. Don't forget to contact AVASDI - 0909 436 247 for consultation and support in experiencing the AVASDI interactive screen through a demo!

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