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Suggestions for Applying Interactive Teaching Methods

Suggestions for Applying Interactive Teaching Methods

Interactive teaching is a new teaching method. Below are some ways to apply interactive teaching:

Real-World Practice: Practical application helps learners understand and apply the knowledge they have acquired to solve real-world and social issues. Additionally, practical exercises stimulate learners' interest and make them the main subjects of the experiment.

To organize an effective practical session, teachers should:

Prepare the necessary practical tools and explain how to use them clearly to prevent damage.

Monitor the progress of learners' practical tasks, provide feedback, and offer guidance to help them gain a more accurate understanding of the course content.

Collect learners' practical reports and provide feedback after assessment, allowing learners to learn from their experiences for the next practical session.

Implement Interactive Classroom Solutions:

Interactive classroom solutions provide both teachers and learners with an optimal learning environment using intelligent interactive screens, sound systems, cameras, and more. These systems contribute to creating smart classrooms and enhancing interaction within the classroom, as well as providing a richer audiovisual experience.


Presentation and Debate:

Interactive classroom solutions can be used effectively in presentations and debates, helping learners become familiar with presenting ideas to a group and organizing clear and understandable sentences for the audience. These presentations and debates are primarily prepared and presented by learners, stimulating creativity and encouraging learners to delve deeper into the course content to gain a better understanding.

Practical Use of Interactive Screens:

To effectively implement interactive teaching methods, teachers should incorporate technology. A popular interactive educational product is AVASDI's interactive screen, which comes with pre-integrated Whiteboard software, allowing multiple students to interact simultaneously with ease. In addition to Whiteboard software, AVASDI's AVD Series interactive screens also integrate various tools to support creative learning, multimedia content sharing, and more.

The AVASDI AVD Series interactive screen is one of the most advanced "all-in-one" interactive screens, providing superior quality compared to any other modern interactive screen provider, even competing with premium brands like Samsung and ViewSonic. AVASDI's interactive screen combines quality and cost-effectiveness, making it one of the most popular interactive screen products used in today's educational environment.


Features of the AVASDI AVD Series interactive screen include:

  • 20-point multi-touch for smooth, stable, and responsive interactions.
  • Uses an IPS panel with 4K UHD resolution.
  • Integrates a trio of 4K UHD cameras, speakers, and microphones.
  • Supports wireless sharing for up to four devices simultaneously.
  • Runs on the Android 11.0 operating system, with optional Windows OPS integration.

In summary, interactive teaching involves active participation from learners, with the teacher acting as a guide, and technology supporting the process. To effectively implement interactive teaching methods, teachers can take advantage of interactive screens like the AVASDI AVD Series to create engaging and dynamic learning experiences for their students. For more information, please contact AVASDI at 0909 436 247 for free consultation and a demonstration of the AVASDI AVD Series interactive screen.

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