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Should You Rent Advertising Screens?

Should You Rent Advertising Screens?

The decision to rent advertising screens depends on your business needs and specific advertising strategy. Here are some factors to consider when deciding whether to rent advertising screens, let's explore them with AVASDI!

Benefits of Renting Advertising Screens

  • Flexible Costs: Renting screens can help you avoid large initial investment costs, especially if you only need the screen for a short period.
  • Variety of Sizes and Types: You can choose a screen that fits your advertising space and goals, from small screens for shops to large screens for major events.

Drawbacks of Renting Advertising Screens:

  • Long-term Costs Could Be Higher: If you use advertising screens regularly, renting over an extended period may lead to higher costs compared to purchasing a screen for long-term use.
  • Less Control over Content: Controlling and updating content on the screen may be challenging when renting from a third-party advertising company.

When to Rent Advertising Screens:

  • Special Events: If you have special events, exhibitions, or specific advertising campaigns, renting screens can be a flexible and effective solution.

  • Dynamic Advertising Sizes: When you need to frequently change the size and type of advertising content, renting screens might be a suitable choice.

When to Purchase Advertising Screens:

  • Regular Use: If you plan to use advertising screens for an extended period and want full control over content and costs, purchasing may be a good option.
  • High Customization Features: If you need advanced features and customization options for the advertising screen, buying a screen tailored to your requirements could be the right decision.

Before making a decision, evaluate your advertising strategy, budget, and specific requirements to determine whether renting advertising screens is a suitable choice. Alternatively, you can rent screens to experience the practical benefits of this solution before deciding on a long-term investment.


AVASDI: Reliable Distributor and Rental Service for Advertising Screens

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AVASDI is a trusted provider of distribution, consultation, and deployment of professional advertising screen solutions. Offering a diverse range of screen types and sizes, including standing screens, standee screens, elevator screens, wall-mounted screens, touch screens, AVASDI ensures optimal fulfillment of your advertising needs.
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