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Terms of Service


To purchase, you can use the following ways:
•   Contact us by phone: 0909 436 247
•    Order by email: info@avasdi.com
•   Order directly at AVASDI's website

Customers can pay through the following methods:

a. Pay in cash on delivery at the store or at home (COD)

(*) COD only applies to orders with total order value under 3 million VND.

b. Payment by bank transfer

Customers please transfer money to AVASDI immediately after confirming the order successfully via email with the following information:

Content: specify ORDER CODE – Full name – Order phone number.
After the transfer, please confirm with AVASDI by leaving a message on AVASDI's Fanpage and waiting to receive email confirmation of successful payment.

(**) Deposit and payment:
For orders with a payment value of over VND 3,000,000, when customers choose the form of payment as Cash Postpaid (COD), please deposit 10% in advance of the value of the goods. The rest is to be paid in cash upon receipt.

The request to issue a VAT Red Invoice must be notified to AVASDI at least 3 days after receiving the goods successfully. Red invoices will be sent to customers within 7-10 working days from the time of delivery and no need to return products.

In the event that you do not immediately pay the remaining amount when the goods are delivered, we have the right to retain the goods corresponding to the unpaid amount, and the customer must pay the shipping fee for this goods to the door. Goods purchased at the cost of the carrier.

After you place an order successfully, AVASDI will confirm and update the fastest via email / SMS / phone call.

After the verification process is successful, the order will be delivered to the customer via the fastest shipping service. The delivery time will be notified to the customer as soon as AVASDI confirms the order (within 3-10 days, depending on the customer's address).

Note: AVASDI will only accept orders delivered within Vietnam, not internationally.
In case there is a delay in delivery or service provision, AVASDI will promptly notify the customer and create an opportunity for the customer to cancel the purchase if desired.

Customers who have comments/complaints related to terms of service, please contact Hotline: 0909 436 247 for support.