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Return Policy

With the desire to bring the best experience, AVASDI is committed to supporting the return of technically defective products within 07 days after customers purchase.

1. Scope and subjects of application

Products belong to the retail store system of AVASDI Company, buy at website: www.avasdi.com or Hotline: 0909 436 247.

2. Conditions apply

Warranty card and stamp of the company on the product (inside & outside) are intact
The product is still in its original condition, the outer shell and body are not scratched, scratched or have signs of impact, moisture.
IMEI number, Serial number on the body, on the warranty card and on the box must be the same
In exchange, the machine has a full box, all accessories and gifts included.
The product is defective by the manufacturer.

3. Not applicable to cases

The product has no warranty stamps, falls, crashes, deforms, is left in a wet place, etc. caused by the user.

4. Product exchange location:

Customers can bring goods directly to AVASDI's office/store or send them by post.

In case customers have comments/complaints related to product quality, please contact Hotline: 0900 436 247 for support.