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Helpdesk, Management Service

AVASDI always provides unlimited support, management and technical services to customers when contacting AVASDI.

Helpdesk, Management Service

Technical support and management services with main items such as:

  • Support to check and fix device errors, system connection errors,

  • Consulting and answering questions about products and equipment,

  • User manuals for products, equipment and software.

AVASDI is always ready to support customers during office hours when customers encounter operational problems or technical difficulties. Currently, AVASDI is always trying to support customers to handle problems quickly within 6 working hours in the inner districts of Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi, as well as 12 hours - 24 hours in working with foreign areas. With an enthusiastic and dedicated staff, AVASDI is always proud to bring customers the best services.

To whom are technical management and support services applicable?
In order to best support customers, AVASDI provides technical support services to all customers: including all customers who have purchased or have not purchased equipment and products provided by AVASDI.

Please contact AVASDI – 0909 436 247 for detailed support and advice!