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Solutions for shopping mall & hotels

The essential need for using advertising screens in shopping centers, restaurants, and hotels

Currently, specialized advertising screens are products that restaurant and hotel owners trust to use due to their effectiveness in business and flexibility in each product, allowing customers to easily customize. Understanding the essential needs and desires of their customers, genuine advertising screen providers have deployed services offering various types of advertising screens, such as standing display screens, wall-mounted screens, and kneeling display screens...


Where to install advertising screens in shopping centers and hotels

Standing display screen standees at entrances, shopping center lobbies, restaurant lobbies, and hotel lobbies

With the position of the lobby or entrance, the standing display screen or standee is designed to be suitable with sophistication and attractiveness. This helps businesses attract customers and easily promote their brand in this prime location.

Elevator advertising screens installed in front of the entrance and inside elevators
When customers use elevators to move around, the waiting time for the elevator becomes the perfect moment for wall-mounted advertising screens to convey effective messages such as promotional campaigns and product advertisements. Thanks to the crisp full HD images and vibrant sound, they will stand out and capture the customers' attention, spreading the message you want to convey efficiently, whether it's about hotel information or upcoming events.

Wall-mounted advertising screens used in shopping center hallways and hotels

This wall-mounted advertising screen solution makes it easy for businesses to access public information about the center's map, promotional programs, and event details. Additionally, wall-mounted advertising screens can continuously display entertaining content, providing better relaxation for customers.

AVASDI, a specialized provider of professional advertising screens for both sale and rent. With an experienced team, AVASDI specializes in installing standing display screens, elevator advertising screens, and wall-mounted advertising screens for offices, buildings, and nationwide events.

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