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Solutions for finance - Banking

Transmission of communication messages, services, information, and notifications to customers is always a concern for financial institutions and companies. And specialized advertising screens are considered an effective solution to make a strong impression and attract more customers when they come for transactions.

Advertising screens for the finance and banking industry always require professionalism in both content and form, as they serve as a brand identity for the bank and contribute to enhancing the customer experience and service. Let's explore AVASDI's solutions for advertising screens in the finance and banking sector together!

Specialized advertising screens and their advantages when applied to the finance and banking industry

Demonstrating professionalism and elegance: Advertising screens come in various sizes, with sleek and elegant designs, contributing to creating a professional and modern environment in banking halls and offices.

Attracting customer interest with beautiful display quality: Images and videos displayed on specialized advertising screens offer a visually appealing experience, with high-quality colors and resolution, ensuring that the information conveyed to customers is of the highest quality.

Easy content change, updates, and management: With flexible content management software (CMS), you can easily change and update content at any time, from anywhere via the internet. Additionally, advertising screens offer scheduling features and the ability to display multiple different content simultaneously.

Cost-effective savings: With high durability and the ability to operate continuously 24/7, advertising screens have a long lifespan. This helps businesses save on investment costs, printing, and contributes to environmental protection.

Some types of specialized advertising screens suitable for the finance and banking industry include:

  • Large-sized advertising screens
  • Standee advertising screens
  • Floor-standing advertising screens
  • Wall-mounted advertising screens
  • Elevator advertising screens

AVASDI is proud to be a brand that specializes in providing high-quality advertising screens at the most optimal prices. With an experienced and professional team, AVASDI is always ready to provide the most attentive support to our valued customers!
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