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Specialized advertising screens are often chosen for application in shopping centers, service centers, stores, and businesses. However, for government agencies, administrative bodies, and the State Administrative Services sector, specialized advertising screen solutions can be an excellent aid in reducing the workload.

Leveraging modern technology, including advertising screens for government agencies, is considered essential, creating a dynamic working environment and increasing efficiency for government organizations.

Advantages of using advertising screens in government agencies:

Specialized advertising screens not only help display internal notifications, information, and schedules of government agencies or showcase important event images but also provide intuitive and easy-to-understand guidance for citizens when they perform administrative procedures at government service agencies.

Therefore, this solution helps:
•    Establish a professional and modern environment.
•    Display clear and accurate information.
•    Change and update content and information quickly and easily.
•    Save costs and reduce printed materials.

Types of specialized advertising screens for government agencies:

Floor-standing advertising screens:

Floor-standing advertising screens have a vertical design, also known as electronic standee screens. With their compact and elegant size, these screens can be installed in various locations, effectively displaying guidance information, service queue numbers, and announcements.

Wall-mounted advertising screens:

Wall-mounted advertising screens are widely used in hallways or meeting rooms, serving the purpose of presenting images, videos, meeting schedules, work schedules, and more. These screens offer high-quality, sharp images with high accuracy.

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