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Solutions for airports - Terminals

The solution for advertising screens at airports and train stations is always of great interest, as these locations attract a diverse range of customers from various industries, maximizing the effectiveness of advertising campaigns. Therefore, when installing advertising screens for airports and train stations, it's essential to choose a suitable solution.

What type of advertising screens should be applied at airports and train stations?

Large LED Advertising Screens:

Large LED advertising screens are a popular choice due to their versatility in terms of size and eye-catching colors, allowing for the display of a wide range of content to attract viewers. Businesses can easily select LED screens based on the available space. Additionally, LED screens come in both indoor and outdoor variants, capable of withstanding weather conditions, ensuring durability and stability when in use. Because of their high quality and extensive application capabilities, large LED advertising screens are commonly used at the main entrances of airports, train stations, exits and entrances, where there is a high flow of customers, effectively attracting customers.

Dedicated Wall-Mounted Advertising Screens:

Dedicated wall-mounted advertising screens have wide applications, not only at airports and train stations but also in various other fields. This solution offers outstanding image quality, vibrant colors, remote content control, and synchronization. Currently, these screens come in various sizes ranging from 18'' to 86'', allowing businesses to choose according to their usage needs. These screens are used not only for promoting products and services but also for displaying announcements or providing directions to passengers at airports and train stations.

Specialized Standalone Advertising Screens:

Specialized standalone advertising screens are designed with elegance and compactness, suitable for eye-level viewing. These screens not only provide a visually appealing experience but are often equipped with speakers to meet various content display needs. Another advantage of standalone advertising screens is their ability to synchronize content and update information continuously and quickly, thanks to remote control features through CMS software. With their compact design, these screens can be placed in various locations to easily attract users to the advertising content.

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