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Repair Service

AVASDI provides professional, safe and fast repair service of online meeting equipment, AV and ELV equipment. With a team of highly specialized engineers, trained directly from the company, AVASDI ensures to bring the best quality repair service to customers.

Repair Service

Choosing equipment repair service from AVASDI you will receive benefits such as:

  • Professional and reputable equipment repair service,
  • A team of highly specialized engineers, rich in practical experience,
  • Full range of components to help meet the needs of repair, replacement or maintenance of equipment…
  • AVASDI supports providing equivalent equipment, in order to help customers have equipment to use during repair,
  • Receive repair requests and advice quickly 24/24,
  • Quick repair time,
  • The best price for the customer.

Customers immediately contact AVASDI - 0909 436 247 for advice and support to receive equipment repair requests!