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Digital Solutions for Conferences

Digital Solutions for Conferences
Addressing the shortcomings of traditional meeting formats, such as time-consuming pre-meeting preparations, the need for multiple equipment, limited attendance methods, low meeting efficiency, and challenges in maintaining comprehensive meeting records, the Interactive Flat Panel emerges as a revolutionary solution. This innovative technology completely transforms the meeting landscape, elevating efficiency and productivity.

Integrated All-in-One Functionality
The Interactive Flat Panel seamlessly integrates a projector, computer, LED 4K UHD display screen, microphone, speaker, HD camera, and whiteboard writing capabilities. Designed for remote video conferencing, it creates a sophisticated and efficient meeting experience, ensuring high-end professionalism.

Support for Natural Handwriting, Simplifying Annotations
With the all-in-one conference machine, participants can effortlessly switch between a traditional blackboard and a touch interface with a single key. This allows for easy annotation, zooming in and out, mobile roaming, and erasing content with a simple motion of the hand, eliminating any delay in capturing inspiration.

Relocate Meetings, Streamline Complexity
Through cloud-based meeting software, participants can join meetings anytime and anywhere with a single tap, eliminating geographical limitations. The conference software can be swiftly installed, providing a user-friendly interface that simplifies operations, ensuring that meetings can commence promptly.

Ultra-High Definition Picture Quality
Experience ultra-high definition cloud video conferences with smooth, lag-free visuals. Coupled with high-fidelity audio and video input, the Interactive Flat Panel offers an immersive environment, delivering exceptional picture quality and synchronized stereo sound.

Seamless Screen Sharing

Effortlessly share screens to enable simultaneous display of office documents, PDFs, applications, and audio/video files, allowing all relevant participants to view the content. Utilizing advanced hard decoding technology, data files are presented with clarity and completeness, ensuring a seamless and impactful sharing experience.