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Warranty, Maintenance Service

Warranty and maintenance services are always the concern of all customers, understand this AVASDI is committed to always providing the best warranty and maintenance services to customers.

Warranty, Maintenance Service

Warranty and maintenance service at AVASDI
In order to best support customers, AVASDI provides warranty and maintenance services as follows:

In case the products or orders are still under warranty, in addition to the warranty standards from the manufacturer, AVASDI also applies a technical support program for customers including:

  • 24/7 technical support service.
  • Service of checking and configuring equipment in case of equipment errors arising during use.
  • Support the operation of important and highly technical online meetings.
  • Support to connect and test equipment with AVASDI's online meeting rooms nationwide.

In case products or orders have expired warranty, AVASDI will provide warranty and maintenance service packages. Customers when buying service packages from AVASDI, will receive benefits such as:

  • Telephone technical support service in 2 working hours,
  • Online technical support service, remote technical support within 4 working hours,
  • On-site technical support service in 12 - 24 working hours,
  • Software upgrades and updates. (According to company policy),
  • Replacing damaged equipment components (According to the company's policy), AVASDI also supports customers to borrow equivalent equipment to use during the equipment warranty and maintenance.

Customers immediately contact AVASDI - 0909 436 247 for advice and support to receive equipment repair requests!