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Renting advertising screens is an effective solution to reach the target audience and showcase high-quality advertising content. Let's explore the quality and professional advertising screen rental services at AVASDI!

AVASDI Advertising Screen Rental Pricing

AVASDI is committed to providing high-quality advertising screen rental services at the best prices to meet customers' needs. The service rental price will be determined based on the actual requirements and the number of screens requested by customers. To receive the best pricing policy, please contact AVASDI via Hotline: 0906 436 247!

Advertising Screen Rental Process at AVASDI

To ensure the professional deployment of services and maximize customer satisfaction, AVASDI has established the following advertising screen rental process:

Step 1: Receiving your request for the scale and number of advertising screens needed.

Step 2: AVASDI's team of specialists will provide advice and propose deployment solutions, ensuring optimal quality and cost that align with your requirements.

Step 3: Technical staff will professionally install the advertising screen equipment, ensuring aesthetics and system efficiency.

Step 4: Before being put into use, the advertising screen devices will be thoroughly tested to ensure stable content projection. We also prepare backup solutions and provide prompt support in case of any issues, ensuring the best quality for customers.

AVASDI is always ready to support customers in implementing advertising screen rental solutions with top-notch quality and reliability, always placing customer satisfaction at the forefront.

7 practical benefits when renting AVASDI advertising screens

Attract Attention: Advertising screens using LED or LCD technology have the ability to display dynamic images, videos, and multimedia content, capturing the attention of viewers and creating focal points in crowds.

Showcase High-Quality Content: Digital advertising screens allow you to display high-quality content with sharp resolution, vibrant colors, and high clarity, effectively showcasing your brand and products.

Flexibility and Customization: Digital advertising screens enable easy customization of advertising content based on objectives, time, location, and other factors. This flexibility allows you to update information and interact with the target audience effectively.

Cost-Effectiveness: Traditional advertising projects can be costly and complex, while renting advertising screens offers a much lower cost and provides access to a larger target audience.

Impressive Interaction Capabilities: Interactive smart advertising screens allow viewers to directly interact with advertising content, creating engaging and memorable experiences that enhance brand interaction.

Suitable for Various Industries: Advertising screens can be applied in numerous fields such as retail, services, events, urban advertising, healthcare, education, and many other industries.

Modern and Professional: Using digital advertising screens helps portray your business as a modern and professional brand, leaving a lasting impression on customers' minds.

Contact AVASDI at 0909 436 247 to receive consultation and support for advertising screen rental services with special offers!