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Digital Solutions For Education

Digital Solutions for the Education Sector
Placing the classroom at the forefront, our solutions offer precise note-taking capabilities, a wide range of graphic templates, zooming, panning, and the ability to erase with a simple hand motion. With the aim of enhancing educational outcomes, we are building an integrated ecosystem that seamlessly combines offline and online intelligent classrooms.

Comprehensive Functions Consolidated into One
Our smart education tablet provides a one-button switch for an interactive interface, enabling teachers to display teaching content through touch or remote control. This fosters frequent and efficient interaction between teachers and students, deepening their understanding of key concepts and improving overall educational efficiency while simplifying the teaching process.

Intelligent Writing with Enhanced Sensitivity
Utilizing infrared touch writing technology, our solution accurately replicates blackboard writing. Additionally, our tablets support features such as wiping content by gently rubbing the back of your hand, adding comments to key points, and offering functions like zooming, panning, and one-click erase.

High-Definition Display
Experience smooth and uninterrupted HD cloud video conferences with superior audio and video input. Enjoy high-quality visuals and synchronized stereo sound, thereby enhancing the overall teaching effectiveness.

Emphasis on Green Environmental Protection and Health

Our intelligent interactive education tablets replace traditional chalk writing, eliminating dust and safeguarding the health of both teachers and students. With an ultra-low standby power consumption of 0.5W, our devices are energy-efficient.

Wireless Display for Real-Time Sharing
Infuse your classroom with color and vibrancy. Our solution supports real-time wireless screen projection from PCs, mobile phones, tablets, and other devices. With just one click, content can be shared on the intelligent interactive education tablets, facilitating seamless and convenient sharing, demonstrations, and communication between teachers and students.

Cloud Conference Functionality for Multi-Person Remote Teaching
Our solution accommodates multiple devices, including PCs, mobile phones, and tablets, enabling teachers and students to engage in remote teaching through online classrooms.