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Solutions for beauty centers - Spas

Advertising screens are considered an effective solution that helps beauty salons and spas differentiate themselves, attract customers, and enhance customer satisfaction. As a result, the installation of specialized advertising screens is receiving increasing attention and investment.


So, what are advertising screens for beauty salons and spas?

Advertising screens for beauty salons and spas are specialized display solutions designed for advertising purposes within beauty establishments. The screens boast high resolution, making it easy to convey advertising content through videos, images, and vivid audio. They can operate continuously 24/7, ensuring durability and longevity.

Which types of advertising screens should beauty salons and spas use?

Currently, there are various types of advertising screens available on the market. However, the most suitable types for spas and beauty salons include:

Standing Display Screens or Standees: These are the most commonly installed advertising screens in beauty salons and spas. With a vertical design and a 16:9 aspect ratio, these screens are elegant and equipped with tempered glass. Sizes range from 32" to 65".

Elevator Advertising Screens: Installed inside elevators or in front of elevators in beauty salons and spas. These screens come in various sizes suitable for elevator placement. Content can be easily adjusted, effectively conveying different advertising campaigns and services while customers wait for or travel in elevators.

Wall-Mounted Advertising Screens: These popular screens have a slim, lightweight design and come in sizes from 32" to 65". They can be easily installed in various locations and can display engaging information in addition to advertising content, providing relaxation for customers while they wait for treatments.

Kneeling Display Screens: These are multi-touch interactive screens with a unique design featuring a slightly folded metal base. They are used in consultation areas, allowing customers to easily explore services and treatments offered by the beauty salon or spa.

Features of advertising screens:

• Operate continuously 24/7

• Aspect ratio 16:09 (1920*1080)

• Brightness >=300 nits - 16.7M colors

• Contrast ratio 1200:1

• Viewing angle 178 degrees

• Integrated speakers

• Android 11.0 operating system

• Network connectivity: RJ45, Wifi, RS232

• USB playback support

• CMS software for remote content management via the internet.

• Outer frame made of high-quality aluminum alloy with anti-corrosion surface

• Equipped with Mohs 7 tempered glass for increased durability

• Scheduled screen on/off

• Touchscreen capability (optional feature)

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