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Equipment Rental Service

AVASDI provides online meeting equipment rental service to help meet the needs of immediate deployment or help customers who need to experience a truly intuitive online meeting system to evaluate the advantages and benefits. that this solution provides.

Online meeting equipment rental service at AVASDI with 6 practical benefits

When using the online meeting equipment rental service from AVASDI, you will receive 6 practical benefits including:

  • Optimal and most economical rental costs – No extra charges
  • The cost of renting online meeting equipment is calculated according to the actual number of hours or days of use.
  • Save on initial investment costs
  • Cost savings for equipment operation, warranty and maintenance
  • Fully installed and tested by AVASDI technical team before the official meeting, there are always staff to operate the equipment and equipped with backup equipment to ensure the best quality.
  • AVASDI commits to refund 100% of the contract to customers if the meeting fails due to errors arising from AVASDI. Details of terms are clearly stated in the equipment rental contract, discussed and agreed between AVASDI and the customer.

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