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4K Ultra HD Screen

4K ultra HD large screen, clear display of details, full and delicate screen colors, that's what meetings needs.


Multiple functions in one

It integrates projector, computer, 4K display, audio, whiteboard, camera and remote video conferencing equipment to improve meeting efficiency.


Free Use of Dual Systems

Standard with Android system, support optional OPS computer module. Windows, Android dual system deep integration, data transmission and sharing. Both 2 systems can independently realize whiteboard writing and multi-format multimedia file playback.


Accessibility Features

Intelligent addition of multi-dimensional graphics, tables, stickers, automatic recognition of graphics, with stretching, rotation, ruler and other small tools.


Split Screen Display

Supports four-screen projection, realizing multi-party content sharing and greatly improving meeting efficiency.


Wireless screen projection, one click to share

With the wireless screen projection, one-click screen projection can be realized for real-time sharing and convenient presentation by computers, mobile phones and tablets.


Two Installation Methods

Removable floor stand and wall mount, 2 installation methods to meet different requirements


Interactive Flat Panel Change the Meeting Form

With three functions of writing, display and fast transmission, it completely changes the meeting form, realizes the rapid transmission of information, and brings efficient and convenient meeting mode. Multi-touch, HD screen, wireless screen projection, dual system (optional), video conferencing and such functions, bring a new and different experience to the meeting.