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Camera PTZ Full HD 1080P AVASDI AVC-HD63XL with 30x Optical Zoom

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1080P Professional PTZ Camera With AI Technology AVASDI AVC-HD63XL 

1080P Full HD 

Camera AVASDI AVC-HD63XL is equipped with a high-quality 1/2.8", 2.07 million effective pixels HD CMOS sensor. With a maximum resolution of 1920 x 1080, it delivers exceptional image quality and detail, ensuring that every frame is captured with precision and clarity.

60.7° Wide-angle Lens + 30x Optical Zoom 

Experience expansive coverage and excellent zoom capabilities with our camera's high-quality ultra-telephoto lens. It supports a maximum of 30x optical zoom, equivalent to a 35mm focal length of up to 1010mm, and offers a wide 60.7° horizontal field of view. This lens enables you to capture a broad perspective or zoom in with incredible detail.

Electromechanical head 

Camera AVASDI AVC-HD63XL features a self-developed electromechanical head, offering extensive rotation capabilities. It can rotate horizontally up to ±170° with a speed range of 1.7° to 100°/s. Additionally, it has a vertical rotation range of -30° to 90° with a speed range of 1.7° to 69.9°/s. This versatile head ensures smooth and precise camera movements.

Multiple Interfaces with Low-latency Output:

Camera AVASDI AVC-HD63XL supports various interfaces, including 3G-SDI, HDMI, USB, and network audio and video. It allows for simultaneous 1080P60 output through these interfaces while ensuring low-latency performance. Enjoy seamless and efficient connectivity options for your audio and video needs.

Uncompressed Professionally video output 

With HDMI 1.3 and 3G-SDI interfaces, camera can directly output uncompressed digital video signals. This feature guarantees high-quality video output without any loss in signal integrity, preserving the authenticity and fidelity of your recordings.

Low Illumination 

Camera AVASDI AVC-HD63XL employs advanced 2D and 3D noise reduction algorithms, effectively reducing image noise even in low-light conditions. It delivers clean and clear images, maintaining a high signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) of up to 55dB. Capture detailed visuals even in challenging lighting situations.

Remote Control 

Take full control of the camera remotely through RS232, RS485 serial ports, and USB connectivity. This enables convenient and flexible management of camera settings and functionalities from a distance.

Leading Auto Focus Technology 

Camera utilizes an advanced focusing algorithm that ensures quick, accurate, and stable autofocus performance. Enjoy precise focus control and consistently sharp images, providing an optimal viewing experience.

New Generation of ISP Image Processing  Algorithm 

Experience enhanced image output performance with our new generation ISP image processing algorithm. It offers comprehensive white balance and automatic exposure functions, significantly improving the overall imaging quality of the camera. This makes it an ideal choice for various industries, including education recording, distance education, video conferencing, live broadcasting, and more.

Upgraded AI Technology 

Benefit from our upgraded AI technology, incorporating pedestrian recognition capabilities. The camera can accurately identify and track human figures based on clothing, body shape, hairstyle, and even facial recognition. This allows for automatic identification, target tracking, intelligent frame selection, and intelligent privacy functions such as blurring during meetings.

Exclusive Audio Processing Algorithm 

Camera features an exclusive audio processing algorithm designed to eliminate reverberation and reduce environmental noise effectively. It supports EQ adjustment for optimized sound effects. The device also supports dual microphone pickup and can be connected to external microphones or wireless systems, catering to various audio pickup requirements in different scenarios.

1080P60 NDI®|HB 

It supports 1080P60 NDI®|HB technology, which brings us ultra-low latency high-quality audio and video signal transmission,  which can achieve unparalleled ultra-high-resolution image  quality and lossless effects that are closer to vision.