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Keyboard Controller AVASDI AVC-K50

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Keyboard Controller AVASDI AVC-K50

Support Network Control:

Our system provides comprehensive support for network control, allowing users to manage and control various devices through network connections. This feature enables seamless remote control and monitoring capabilities, enhancing convenience and flexibility in managing your networked devices.

Support for Multiple Protocols:

We understand the importance of compatibility and interoperability in today's diverse technological landscape. That's why our system supports a wide range of protocols, including Visca, Visca over IP, ONVIF, PELCO-D, PELCO-P, TCP, NDI, and many others. This extensive protocol support ensures seamless integration with different devices and systems, allowing for efficient and flexible control.

Camera Control via Software:

Our system empowers users with software-based camera control functionalities. With our software, you can easily manipulate and manage camera settings, enabling centralized control over multiple cameras. This central control function streamlines operations and simplifies the management of camera configurations.

Camera Zoom Control:

Effortlessly adjust the zoom of your conference camera with our ship type switch. This intuitive control mechanism allows for smooth and powerful zooming capabilities. Whether you need to zoom in or out during your conferences or events, the ship type switch offers easy operation and precise control.

Built-in LCD Display:

To provide clear and accessible information, our system features a built-in LCD display. This display supports both Chinese and English languages, ensuring that users can easily navigate and access essential information regarding their devices and configurations.

Four-Dimensional Remote:

Experience superior control with our imported variable-speed four-dimensional rocker. This ergonomic controller offers exceptional comfort and precision. By twisting the rocker, you can effortlessly control the omni-directional rotation of the conference camera, as well as smoothly zoom in and out. The rocker's sensitivity allows for precise speed and rhythm control, giving you enhanced control over your camera's movements.

Support for IE Browser Configuration:

Our system facilitates convenient configuration through the widely-used IE browser. You can easily add and configure parameters for front-end devices directly from the browser interface. This streamlined configuration process ensures a user-friendly experience and quick setup.

Quick Image Adjustment:

Efficiently adjust your camera's image settings with our quick image adjustment function. Dedicated knobs and buttons allow for direct manipulation of key parameters such as automatic exposure, shutter speed, aperture, gain, white balance, focus, and more. This intuitive interface provides rapid access to essential image adjustments, allowing you to optimize the visual quality according to your specific needs.