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AVASDI AVM-SP60 is a professional-classconference speakerphonewith crystal   clear  sound  quality.    It'  s perfect   for  medium for  medium conference rooms,  supports Bluetooth connection, simple  operation, rich compatibility, and  provides a comfortable and  pleasant calling experience.

AVASDI AVM SP60 Conference Speakerphone

Ultra-wideband    call,   high-definition     sound

48K  ultra-wideband  voice  calls  high-definition  technology, full-duplex deep echo cancellation, intelligent microphone mixing,  dynamic noise  suppression, automatic gain  control, brings high-definitionsmooth call effect.

Bluetooth connection for easy call  opening

Supports Bluetooth connection and can  be connected to the video terminal without any cables. It' s simple to install and easy to use, and it can also be equipped with USB, easily implement voice calls.

Professional conference speakerphone, clear  sound  pickup at long distance

It has built-in  8 microphones array,360-degreeomnidirectional sound  pickup,  5 meters pickup  distance, supports optional ex• pansion microphone, and the longest pickup distance can reach 7 meters.

Rich functions to meet  multi-scenario applications

It has a collaborative office function, which can simultaneously mix  audio  and  video   conferences  and  teleconferences   to achieve   multi-party    conversations;     supports   external loudspeaker signal  mixers and audio systems to achieve local sound reinforcement.