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USB and Bluetooth Speakerphone AVASDI AVM SP80

AVASDI AVM SP80  perfect for mid to large-sized meeng rooms. The AVASDI AVM SP80  has 12 high sensivity microphone arrays. With high-order beamforming technology to create strong sensivity and narrow direconality for sounds, the AVASDI AVM SP80  can offer an ultra-high voice quality, which is like as face to face talking during remote communicaon. Meanwhile, the AVASDI AVM SP80  digital speaker unit is so powerful and transparent.

12 Microphones Array Beamforming Conferencing System

•    High-order Beamforming Technology
•    Microphone Beamforming System
•    12 HD Microphones
•    Broadcast Quality
•    Microphone System 

Feature highlights:

•    Wide-band acousc echo cancellaon with HD-voice , dynamic noise suppression,automac gain control,voice band equalizaon and intelligent microphone mixing.
•    Best for conference room within 20-60m² and supports within 20 a  endees.
•    12 internal uni-direconal microphones array gather cover 6m.
•    2 external microphones gather cover 8m.
•    Support wireless transmission, doesn’t need any cable connecon
•    Support bluetooth, can achieve speakerphone conference
•    Support USB VoIP and suitable for PC, video system, UC communicaon.
•    Offer an auxiliary audio port that allows for external devices to connect to the conference phone. Support 3.5mm jack for Mobile phone call.
•    Built-in 4-way conference.
•    Collaboraon: bridge USB VoIP call and Mobile call together very conveniently. Speaker volume up to 95dB, 16 levels adjustable.
•    Color dot matrix LCD display.
•    Convenient and rich funcon: conference, hold, mute, etc.