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The AVASDI AVD-27MST multifunctional touch screen is a perfect blend of technology and sophisticated design, offering an incredibly flexible and convenient user experience. With a spacious 27-inch display, this product not only boasts aesthetic appeal but also integrates numerous impressive features.

Operating on the high-quality Android platform, the screen is equipped with a powerful processor that ensures smooth and fast application performance. What sets the AVASDI AVD-27MST apart is its mobility, thanks to the integrated battery, allowing users to utilize the screen anywhere without the need for a fixed power source.

This multifunctional touch screen is loaded with user-centric features. The capacitive touch screen facilitates easy and intuitive usage, and the bolt-free integrated casing simplifies the installation process. The stand of the screen is highly adjustable, allowing users to lift, lower, tilt, and rotate the screen according to their preferences. This flexibility is complemented by the gravity sensor, enabling seamless switching between landscape and portrait modes.

Furthermore, the AVASDI AVD-27MST supports various convenient features such as a whiteboard function, mobile phone projection, and multiple usage modes. This enhances user convenience in managing both work and entertainment, making the AVASDI screen an attractive and widely applicable high-quality product in the market.

Highlighted Features of AVASDI AVD-27MST:

• LCD TFT HD display with high brightness, contrast, and resolution
• Convenient interfaces: USB, HDMI output, WIFI, LAN
• Adjustable stand designed with a patented biological branch-like structure, enhancing stability and smooth lifting/lowering
• Base of the stand with integrated battery, utilizing an intelligent Battery Management System (BMS) for extended usage and protection
• Professional-grade Android chip with powerful video processing capabilities, supporting various formats like MPG, MPG-1/4, AVI, MP4, TS, MKV, RMVB, MP3, WMA, JPEG, and BMP
• Powerful digital audio amplifier, high-quality audio decoding, robust hi-fi speakers, ensuring perfect multimedia sound reproduction
• Integration of various entertainment software, exercise apps, video viewing, and dancing, among other optional features




With an LCD TFT HD display, capacitive touch technology, and smart battery integration, the AVASDI AVD-27MST is the ideal choice for those seeking a versatile and portable solution for their work and entertainment needs. Contact AVASDI at 0909 436 247 for detailed advice and pricing!