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AVASDI BS Series Large-sized Advertising Displays Worth Investing In

The AVASDI BS Series Touchscreen Advertising Kiosk is a specialized large-sized advertising display from the AVASDI brand. This display offers an outstanding visual experience and creates strong interaction with customers thanks to its true-to-life colors and 4K resolution, delivering clear and engaging content.

Features of the Large-sized AVASDI BS Series Advertising Display:

  • Continuous 24/7 operation
  • 98-inch screen with BOE panel
  • Aspect ratio 16:09
  • 4K resolution, 10-bit color, brightness of 500 nits, contrast ratio of 1200:1
  • 8ms response time, 178-degree viewing angle
  • Inputs: HDMI1 (Maximum support 38402160@60HZ signal input), DP1 (Maximum support 3840X2160@60H), USB1 Motherboard upgrade
  • Integrated speakers (5W*2)
  • Wall-mounted or mobile stand usage
  • Weight: 75kg

The AVASDI BS Series 98-inch is built with advanced technology to ensure stability and can operate continuously 24/7, providing a high level of durability.

The AVASDI BS Series 98-inch large advertising display offers great flexibility. It can adapt to various lighting environments with a brightness of up to 500 nits, making it suitable for retail stores, shopping centers, auditoriums, and large advertising events. It also fits well in different locations, expanding your reach to a diverse audience.

With its diverse connectivity options and smart features, the AVASDI BS Series display allows you to manage and control content remotely with ease and speed. You can update and display various advertising content quickly, helping you maintain freshness and flexibility in your advertising campaigns.

The benefits of using the AVASDI BS Series advertising display include:

  • Enhanced advertising effectiveness with 24/7 operation
  • Easy and quick content changes
  • Suitable for various spaces
  • Cost and time savings

The AVASDI BS Series Large-sized Advertising Display is an excellent choice to effectively convey your advertising message and capture customer attention for your business.