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The AVASDI AVD 32MST 32-inch mobile touch screen is a new product with integrated battery, running on the high-quality Android operating system with a powerful and fast processor.

The AVASDI touch screen is packed with many outstanding features, providing an excellent experience for users. It features a capacitive touchscreen based on resistive technology, a bolt-free integrated casing, natural heat dissipation through temperature circulation, high-power integrated stereo speakers, and an adjustable stand that allows the screen to be raised, lowered, rotated, and tilted forward as desired.

The AVASDI advertising screen is equipped with a gravity sensor to switch between horizontal and vertical screens, and the tabletop automatically adjusts to rotational movements. It supports features such as a whiteboard function, mobile phone projection, and more, with various usage modes, convenient management, and a high-quality LCD screen, making the AVASDI AVD 32MST touch screen attractive in the market.

Features AVASDI AVD 32MST:

•    HD TFT LCD screen, high brightness, high contrast, high resolution.
•    Convenient interface: USB; HDMI output; WIFI; LAN.
•    The stand can be adjusted according to the biological branch structure design, with a patented design to enhance stability and smoothness of the lifting process.
•    The base of the stand has an integrated battery, using an intelligent Battery Management System (BMS) for an extremely long battery life and multiple protections.
•    HD TFT LCD screen, high brightness, high contrast, high resolution, 8-bit color-16.7 million colors, for a more natural image.
•    Professional Android chip, powerful video processing capability, and support for various formats such as MPG, MPG-1/4, AVI, MP4, TS, MKV, RMVB, MP3, wma, jpeg, and bmp.
•    Powerful digital audio amplifier, high-quality audio decoding, powerful hi-fi speakers, perfect restoration for multimedia sound.
•    Integration of various entertainment software, exercise applications, movie watching, dancing, etc. (optional)