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AVASDI DBCT Series Touchscreen Advertising Display
•    A-frame touchscreen advertising display:
•    Screen sizes available: 32”, 43”, 49”, 55”.
•    Specialized advertising display designed for 24/7 operation
•    Resolution: 1920*1080p.
•    Displaying 16.7 million colors
•    Brightness ≥300 nits, contrast ratio 1200:1, 8ms response time
•    178-degree viewing angle
•    Tempered glass screen protection with Mohs 7 hardness
•    10-point capacitive touch
•    Integrated speakers
•    Android 11.0 operating system - 2GB RAM - 16GB ROM
•    Supports network connectivity via RJ45, Wifi, 4G
•    Supports various multimedia file formats: wmv, avi, flv, rm, rmvb, mpeg, ts, mp4, MP3, WMA, WAV, APE, FLAC, AAC, OGG, M4A, 3GPP...
•    Connectivity: USB, RJ45, Wifi, RS232
•    USB playback support, remote content management software (CMS) via the internet.
•    Beautiful and elegant design
•    Made with high-quality oxidized aluminum alloy frame to prevent wear and corrosion


Why Invest in the AVASDI DBCT Series A-frame Touchscreen Advertising Display?

Attract and Enhance Customer Experience
With various sizes and touchscreen features, the AVASDI A-frame touch screen display easily captures the attention of potential customers. It delivers clear and vibrant advertising messages.

Long-term Investment Efficiency – Cost Savings
The AVASDI A-frame touch screen or digital billboard is considered a cost-effective advertising solution compared to other forms of advertising such as traditional media, TV, and print. It not only saves costs but also provides an optimal user experience, as well as long-term and synchronized deployment.

Rapid Content Synchronization
This allows businesses to deliver synchronized content, create scheduled and convenient advertising content in real-time with remote content management software (CMS) through the internet.

Easy Mobility
AVASDI touchscreen advertising displays are easy to move, allowing you to position them in various locations or take them to events and exhibitions. This increases the opportunity to promote your products and brand to a larger audience.

Enhance Business Professionalism
Using AVASDI touchscreen advertising displays demonstrates professionalism and careful investment, attracting customer attention. It also signifies that your business is focusing on brand and product promotion.


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