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Elevator Advertising Display AVASDI
 The intelligent elevator advertising display is used for information/advertisement release in the local area network of buildings and offices. It brings rich visual enjoyment when people are waiting for the elevator and the elevator is running up and down. 

 Elevator 21.5+10.1+10.1 online version, can display the upper and lower screens at the same time, display on different screens, and display on three screens at the same time. The content of the announcement can be updated through network connections such as network cables, WIFI, 3G/4G, and remote release and management. 

 It supports word, Excel, PPT documents, and web page playback. Multi-period timing switch can be set, no need for a dedicated person; remote control setting, easy to operate and improve confidentiality. 

 Double anti-theft, equipped with door lock protection to prevent theft of multimedia cards and leakage of file content; it is the mainstream form of current advertising media.

Product Features:
- Media playback: supports split-screen playback, and can support video, pictures, text, weather and other elements;
- Play mode: support sequential play, timed play, interrupt play and other play modes;
- Content update: support network update, local content update (via
flash drive);
- Timing setting: support timing sleep/wake up;
- Volume setting: support remote control volume;
- Communication method: wired, WIFI antenna, 4G external antenna;
- Anti-theft design: prevent the device from being disassembled illegally.